Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the legislation that requires a Fire Risk Assessment to be carried out and applies to virtually every place of work. With an established track record, we specialise in delivering fully trained and insured fire risk assessments. Our assessors have earned certification from the Fire Protection Association.

Fire Risk Assessments Surrey and South-East

In the UK it is a legal requirement for a fire risk assessment to be carried out on almost all premises where people could be working.
Our fire risk assessments are designed to examine the potential risk and spread of fire in your commercial/public/private property. Carrying out a fire risk assessment can be a complex process. Here at R&A Fire, we will not only ensure you comply with your legal obligations, but we make certain that you fully understand the assessment carried out and the recommendations we make.
Fire risk assessments should be reviewed once a year, to factor in any changes to your business like a change in employee numbers or change in business activity.

How Can We Help?

R&A Fire’s dedicated team of fire safety professionals can attend your premises and carry out a full fire risk assessment and fire safety audit. They will then prepare a document highlighting the current preventative and protective measures and any room for improvement, this may include a comprehensive action plan with photographs to help you in implementing any of the points within.
We can:

  • Conduct fire risk assessments
  • Provide detailed information on the risks associated with your system
  • Provide recommendations to improve system safety
  • Recommend System repairs
  • Improve safety system installations
  • Recommend Fire safety equipment replacements

Reliable services by qualified engineers

If you’re looking for a trusted company for fire safety system services, including assessments and upgraded fire alarm system installations, call us. Our team of fully qualified engineers will provide high-quality and reliable services, which are second to none. We can provide complete support, from fault detection and regular maintenance to system upgrades.

Fire Risk Assessments in Surrey and the South-East

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