Emergency Lighting Installation

Emergency lighting systems allow your workers, customers, users, and visitors to safely evacuate your premises in the event of a fire or power failure. We can design, instal, and maintain reliable, functional, and BS 5266-compliant emergency lighting systems and illuminated safety signage that help people respond quickly to fires, reducing damage, injuries, and fatalities, based on the results of our comprehensive survey.

Emergency Light Installation Surrey, South East

Emergency exits must be clearly visible in the case of an emergency, allowing workers and clients to quickly leave the premises.
We specialise in offering companies of all shapes and sizes custom emergency lighting systems. For warehouses, offices, residential property projects, and specialist areas and properties, we can design bespoke solutions. We can also conduct routine system maintenance and testing to ensure that the system’s functionality is maintained.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Although the location of lights can differ, there are two distinct kinds of emergency lighting. Maintained and non-maintained fittings are the two most common styles of fittings.
Lights with Maintained Fittings function similarly to normal lighting, with the exception that they have an emergency fitting that will activate during power outages or other emergencies.
When the power is on, non-maintained fittings charge and then trigger during power outages and emergencies. To demonstrate that power is running to them, they are normally turned off with an LED light. Emergency signage is commonly found in unmaintained lighting.

How Can R&A Fire Help?

We can design, and install emergency lighting to any building either new build or existing buildings. Whether you require additional emergency lighting, replacement emergency lighting or you have none what so ever, we can help.
We have a customised service in which we can inform you about the appropriate level of emergency lighting. Our team of fully trained and professional engineers will expertly design and install emergency lighting in your premises, ensuring that anyone inside can be seen if the need arises.

Highly-Qualified Team Offering Emergency Lighting Testing

With years of experience, the necessary accreditations, and complete training, our team of expert engineers are all highly-qualified to industry standards. Plus, their training is regularly refreshed to keep them up-to-date with developments in our industry.
It is our priority here at R&A Fire to always be to deliver a swift and responsive service, as well as emergency equipment that is fully registered for safety and effectiveness. And for your complete peace of mind, all of our emergency lighting servicing work is carried out to current British Standards

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